The Breast Cancer Consultation Service is designed to provide self-referred women with newly diagnosed breast carcinomas, both invasive and in situ and/or atypical hyperplasias or atypia with a formal written review of their pathology slides, mammograms and other imaging studies. No physician referral or permission is needed to access the service.

The Breast Cancer Consultation Service provides:
  • A review of your actual pathology slides, original mammograms and localization studies, breast ultrasound, specimen radiograms and breast MRI images.
  • A second opinion regarding your pathologic diagnosis with an evaluation of your treatment options and their likely benefit.
  • A formal report prepared for you and your designated physicians
  • A 45-minute discussion of the findings, either in person or via telephone conference call for you, your support people, and designated physicians, if you desire.
Breast Pathology Photomicrograph by Michael Lagios, MD
The goal of the service is a thorough review of the original diagnostic materials, not just existing written documents, and to provide the patient with unbiased information with which she can make an educated choice of therapy.

Michael D. Lagios, MD, Breast Cancer Consultation Service
Dr. Michael D. Lagios, a nationally recognized breast pathologist and medical director of The Breast Cancer Consultation Service, provides the service and personally discusses the findings with you. He has directed this and similar services in San Francisco since 1980. Dr.Lagios is an internationally recognized expert on duct carcinoma in situ and has written or co-authored much of the pertinent literature in this area over the last 30 years.

Instructions for patients or physicians wishing to utilize the Breast Cancer Consultation Service can be found here.