Dr. Michael D. Lagios and St. Mary's Medical Center

Since 1994, Dr. Lagios has been a leader in the ongoing quality management program for breast cancer at St. Mary's Medical Center in San Francisco. He reviews and guides quality management, studies, and improvements in the area of breast pathology. He recently reviewed two years of data that led to a prospective breast concordance conference between the pathology and radiology departments. Dr. Lagios leads the Breast Panel, the unique and multidisciplinary pre-treatment panel that reviews pathological and imaging studies, and meets to collaborate on diagnosis and treatment options.

St. Mary's Medical Center Breast Teleconference

This meeting is a multidisciplinary, weekly treatment planning panel initiated by Dr. Michael D. Lagios and supported by St. Mary's Medical Center in San Francisco, Seton Medical Center in Daly City, Saint Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco, and Sequoia Medical Center in Redwood City. Cases are either physician- or self-referred. Breast pathology expert Dr. Lagios reviews all pathology slides, photographs them, writes all panel announcements and minutes, and directs the conference. The multidisciplinary "expert" panels comprise of one or more medical oncologists, several radiation oncologists, one radiologist, and a surgeon.

Self-referred patients are guided through the panel by a nurse navigator and a written summary of the panel's recommendations are available to them. The panel also serves as an informal discussion group regarding new technologies pertinent to breast cancer care.

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